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In Hong Kong, there are four main housing types in the private market to choose from: Mid-rise and High rise residential, Walk-up building, Individual house and Village house.

1. Medium and high rise residential

By loose definition, High Rise apartments can be split into two categories, with or without clubhouse facilities.

The newer, the luxurier

Since 90s, residents’ clubhouse has become the essential element in residential development. Clubhouse design emphasizes size, as well as luxury. Luxurious amenities such as heated pool, sky gym, tennis court, barbecue terrace, 24/7 concierge services etc. Besides delightful clubhouses, newer buildings also offer sparkling, contemporary kitchen and bathroom equipped with all the electrical appliance you need in the kitchen. (p.s. oven and dish washer are not a standard in Hong Kong). Another selling point is the new developments tend to have balcony which gives you a chance to step outside for fresh air.

While there are plenty of benefits of living in a newer building, there are just as some downsides you should be aware.

The new build home’s layout tends to be less efficient. Many homes have an acceptable size master bedroom for queen-size bed and wardrobe and a few smaller bedrooms which might only just fit a single bed. Also, corridor takes up a lot of space that this can be considered as wasted space. Secondly, new build homes are as attractive as their computerised brochure images, however, they come with a premium price tag. You do pay for everything being brand new, and you pay for the amenities as well.  

Medium and high – rise buildings, without clubhouse facilities

In other words, most built before 90s generally don’t offer the luxurious hotel lift lobby or bespoken services that the newer homes might have. However, it doesn’t mean old build homes are inferior products or less considered. Many of them are beautifully renovated by the owners and these are often some of the best apartments to live in because of its practical layout and tasteful design.  

As the interior condition and maintenance vary from unit to unit that creates price difference among units that may cost you more time and energy on home search.

2. Walk-up buildings /Tong Lau

Most pre-World War II Tng Lau are three to four levels high, while those built after 1950 can have as many as eight. Tong Laus tend to be located in more established areas and eclectic neighborhoods, such as Central, Sheung Wan, Wanchai and West Kowloon.

Today, many Tong Laus have been transformed into upscale flats with beautiful new looks while preserving the original architecture of the buildings.

Some people prefer them because they can have more character than many of the newer developments, but also because they tend to have higher efficiency rate, greater variety with the home-style types and layout. New construction tend to look similar, if you want to experience the charm you see in older homes or live in somewhere rich in culture, Tong Lau is your choice.


  • lack of lift services

Because most lack lift services, please make sure you are strong enough to carry luggage up and down the stairs. On the bright side, you can enjoy workout training every day for free.

  • Waste collection

Waste collection service is not a must in Tong Lau. It is important to check if such service is available in the building. If it isn’t, the only way is you have to put the rubbish in the bins on the street.

  • Broadband connection

Some Tong laus do not have access to high-speed broadband services. Most of them have only 8Mb line which is far not enough for watching Netflix and online gaming. Buying unlimited mobile network plan maybe an option

3. Indiviual Houses

For those with a bigger budget, Hong Kong has some seriously luxurious houses in prestigious areas. The Peak, the south side of HK Island and Kowloon Tong are home to spacious individual houses. Combining a great location close to the city and all the benefits of urban living. Expect stunning views, private garden and swimming pool, the most prestigious home address, if you’re looking to live the high life in Hong Kong, these are the neighbourhoods that money can buy.

4. Village Houses

The village house is confined to three storeys and has a maximum saleable floor area of 700 sq ft per floor. They are an excellent option for families craving space and serenity. As you can expect from the name, they are usually found in New Territories and Outlying Island. These homes are great for people who desire outdoors life, particularly those with pets.

Prices are generally more affordable for village house, but more affordable also means inconvenience and lack of maintenances. A village house may not have what would be considered standard features in other homes, such as security guards, waste collection service, internet access, and convenient public transport.


Making a smart and focused decision requires an analysis of your and your family’s needs, allowing you to find a home that suits not only those needs but also your lifestyle and preferences.
Carrying out property viewing should help you decide what type of property is right for you. It could be tricky and time-consuming, but there’s something for everyone!

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